IIT Study Circle

About The Institute

This institution has an interesting history. Sri C.Ramaiah , Sri. G. Madhusudhan Rao and Sri. B.Surendranath Reddy were working independently, helping IIT aspirants to understand the basics of the subjects so they could do well in the IITJEE. These students wanted the teachers to work together under a common roof, so the functioning becomes more efficient. The IIT study circle happened, thanks to these young learners.

Since the inception the institution has done very well. Thousands of students have made it to the IIT and these modest teachers say that they have been mere instruments in making these highly talented students realise their goal. And they are extremely happy that this has come to happen.

Admissions for the academic year 2022-23 will be through an online application. Please enter the required information in the form provided below. We will let you know the selection results by email/mobile.